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From Overwhelmed & Frustrated
to Empowered Phoenix!

Release Stuck Trauma in Just 2 Weeks, and Feel Fucking Magical!

I've heard from countless women burdened by what feels like 50 pounds of emotional gunk, hindering every step of their growth journey.


It's an overwhelming struggle that weighs them down.


They tell me:

😖 “I’ve tried dieting and exercising and I still can’t lose ANY weight.”


😩 “I can’t get rid of my hip pain… I have no idea how it got there and it won’t go away”

😡 “I’m tired all day, but once night rolls around I can’t sleep!!”

🥱 “I’m always stressed and overwhelmed

📉 “My sex drive is down to negative”

💔 "I want to find a way out and finally experience relief and peace."


If so, My Trauma Release Series is designed for you!


Crafted to Take You From Stuck to Liberated...Quickly!

In this 2-week daily program, I will help you go from feeling like you’re stuck under a veil of fog and uncertainty to a bird just being released from its cage… clear, free, and unburdened by the shadows of the past. 


Not so long ago, I was faced with a complex trauma that kept me frozen in time. While I logically knew I was safe and out of harm, my body never got the memo, it was stuck in fight mode…


…I stopped having regular periods, I broke out, could hardly get out of bed some mornings, and the weight gain was real!


I tried all the healing modalities, all the diets, all the meds… It took about 2 years to find what actually helped me…


It was regulating my nervous system and clearing out my physical body…


so I repeated that consistently until my body did a 180!!


and now I’ve curated what I learned into the most potent and powerful program to kickstart your trauma healing journey… and I still use this program myself multiple times a year! 



In Addition to my personal experience, I’ve now helped guide humans with all different types of trauma to find healing and happiness.

confident woman in yellow in the sun

The Trauma Program is the KEY to Unlocking Your Power

Here's how you'll break free from the chains of trauma...

(Get Ready to hear the clicking of the unlocked handcuffs ⛓️ ...


🌱 To feel the Release as they fall from your wrists...

To experience freedom as you throw your arms in the air. 🦅 )


🦋 Somatic Physical Movements 🦋 To clear out what's been physically locked up in your body.


🌀 Breathing Techniques 🌀 Specific breathwork designed to clear out all major organs in the body that tend to overproduce emotions when stuck in fight/flight mode causing dis-ease in the body.


🌿 Pressure Point Release 🌿 To help facilitate the release of stored trauma through portal points on the body.


🧠 Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) 🧠 Subconscious Reprogramming technique designed to help your subconscious mind understand that it is safe and does not need to keep you in survival mode and can kick you into THRIVE MODE!


🔮 Connecting to Your Own Healing Source 🔮 Tapping into your own natural energy flow and spinal flow in your body to clear blockages in order to allow your body to self heal.

In this 2-week Trauma Release Series, I’ve curated a program that includes all of the above, purposefully crafted in a very specific way to allow your entire body to relax, release, and completely overturn the destruction that trauma has caused you.

What the Trauma Program Includes...

This is a 14-day program, with a different video each day
(plus a few bonus videos!) 

This program isn't "conceptual" where you'll sit down, take notes, and learn something to then later begin to apply...

This is we sit down and work out the trauma in each video.

It includes:



  • Follow-along videos with options for all levels of mobility to release any trauma that has been physically stuck in your body (the majority of the program!)

  • Guided meditations to aid in nervous system regulation and guiding your body back to homeostasis (aka. Your all-natural Xanax)

  • Subconscious Reprogramming recordings to tell your subconscious mind that you aren’t actually in danger but you are perfectly safe and ready to know rest, heal and rejuvenate. (I've been told this is sourcery magic!)

  • Trainings on how to self-heal, and harness the power of intuition and universal energy for your own healing benefit.

healed woman holding a sign that says not your bitch

The Reviews Are In...


"You were spot on with your psychic downloads. What I felt during the healing was a soothing gentleness. I kept releasing emotions throughout the day into the night, and I'm still releasing today. I'm grateful.

- Veronica L. 

(Psychic Medium working on healing physical and emotional pain from past trauma)

"At some point yesterday I felt this giant ball of energy move out of my heart. I'm feeling a lot better now! The work you do is extremely powerful! Thank you so much.

- Michael S. 

(Business Owner healing lingering anger and victim patterns from childhood abuse)

healing testimonial 2_edited.jpg

"I can finally say I feel hopeful again. I haven't felt this grounded in my body either."

- Helen T. 

(Business Owner healing thyroid imbalances, anxiety, & phobias)

"I had a full emotional and energetic purge after our session... stuckness kept releasing and releasing"

- John N. 

(Author, Musician, and Manifestation Coach experiencing grief)

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you…

What would it be like to…

💃 Wake up each morning feeling so well rested that you don’t even need your morning coffee…

💃 Admire & honor your body...


💃 Lose that stubborn weight with ease and joy…


💃 Be turned on by your partner, feel sexy, and be comfortable ravaging their body with pure pleasure and desire.


💃 No longer struggle with pain and headaches and instead can move, dance, play, and think with more clarity and creativity.


💃 Be enjoyably present with your kids, partner, friends, and YOURSELF….


I want you to know that you REALLY CAN HAVE IT ALL!

empowered and healed woman with hands on hips

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Is this program for me if I can barely move my hips?

YES! We give several different options for release… and, even just the act of visualizing yourself doing the movements has been shown to give just as good results!


Our bodies and minds are incredibly powerful if you give them the space and tools to heal.

2. What is the format of the program?

This is a 14-day series of pre-recorded videos (about 10-15 minutes)

3. How much time will this program take?

14 days, or longer if you wish to take is slower. This can also be repeated as much as you feel called to repeat it

4. How long will I have access to the videos?

You will get lifetime access to this program!

5. Do you give discounts for this program?


Yes! This program is FREE for all members of the Awakened Healing Portal, and you will have access to this program for free for as long as you are a member.

Are you ready to press the power-up button on what has been shut down
for so long?

Are you ready to feel the sun
shine through as it burns off
the clouds & fog?

Are you ready to burn off the "I'm trapped in my body" feeling
FOR GOOD & bring in the "I
feel free because of my body" vibes.

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