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Your Pass to Daily Happiness & Healing

Tools for emotional healing, nervous systems regulation, and happiness.

Experiencing emotional, physical, emotional, or spiritual pain can feel like an eternal, never-ending battlefield. Excruciating, lonely, and more frustrating than those dreams where you can't run!


Our Awakened Healing Portal is a safe sanctuary crafted for humans experiencing just this...

Go from people-pleasing to unapologetically living your truth...

From burned out to hormonally balanced...

From anxious and depressed to grounded in inner peace.

It's a portal to your deepest healing and freedom to be the most divine version of you!

Gain access to a treasure trove of powerful tools designed to help you heal & elevate every aspect of your life...

> Trauma Healing & Release

> Grief, Depression, & Saddness

> Anxiety & Stress

> Self Confidence & Self Love

> Eradicate Self Sabotage

> Money & Motivation Blocks

> Abundance Manifestation

> Sexual Healing

> Releasing Regret, Anger & Shame

> Forgiveness

> Subconscious Reprogramming

> Energy Healing

> Acceptance & Letting Go

> Strengthening Intuition

> Accelerating Spiritual Gifts

> And More!

woman dancing to release and heal

What awaits you in your healing membership...

Our healing library is expanding weekly with everything from quick tools and rituals to in-depth weekly programs.


Here are just a few things to expect:

🕊️ Subconscious Reprogramming Exercises 🕊️ Rewire your mind and release unwanted patterns and thoughts instantaneously, guiding you toward positive transformation from within.


🌀 Hypnosis 🌀 Dive deep into the subconscious realm, where profound healing and personal growth take root effortlessly.


🎶 Subliminals 🎶 No matter the focus that you are working to heal, we have subliminals (affirmations under healing music) to play on repeat to release the self-sabotage thoughts that are driving your stuckness.


🧘‍♀️ Meditations for Mindfulness 🧘‍♀️ Immerse yourself in calming meditations, cultivating self-acceptance, awareness, resilience, and deep insights into who you are becoming and how to help you get there.


🔮 Transmissions for Healing 🔮 Experience the transformative energy of healing transmissions in the form of trainings, channeled messages from spirit, energy healings, and philosophical views to expand your consciousness. All are tailored to address specific aspects like physical pain and imbalances, anxiety, grief, manifestation, and more.


🌿 Somatic Wellness Practices 🌿 Discover a curated collection of practices promoting trauma release, releasing stuck emotions in the body, and recalibrating the energy flow in your body to one of healing and ascension.

When I was surviving grief & trauma, my deepest healing came from the quiet spaces intentionally procured to hold space... all I had to do was show up & be held. 

🕊️ This is your invitation to be held 🕊️

It's been 7 years of personal growth, spiritual expansion, and healing layers of trauma, self-sabotage, and physical ailments... and looking back today, I don't recognize myself.

I've emerged from a girl, haunted by the fear of abandonment and judgment, running on shallow relationships, reactivity, stress, and burnout into...


a self-devoted goddess who has:


🌻 Healed her autoimmune disease, depression, and infertility

🤎 Cracked open her heart to a passionate, soul-filling love

🌱 Fostered relationships rooted in profound connection, &

🩹 Harnessed the whispering power of intuition.

I have healed myself with everything in this portal, and now this is my life's work of holding others as they walk the path of healing themselves too.


The Reviews Are In...


"You were spot on with your psychic downloads. What I felt during the healing was a soothing gentleness. I kept releasing emotions throughout the day into the night, and I'm still releasing today. I'm grateful.

- Veronica L. 

(Psychic Medium working on healing physical and emotional pain from past trauma)

healing testimonial 2_edited.jpg

"I can finally say I feel hopeful again. I haven't felt this grounded in my body either."

- Helen T. 

(Business Owner healing thyroid imbalances, anxiety, & phobias)

"At some point yesterday I felt this giant ball of energy move out of my heart. I'm feeling a lot better now! The work you do is extremely powerful! Thank you so much.

- Michael S. 

(Business Owner healing lingering anger and victim patterns from childhood abuse)

"I had a full emotional and energetic purge after our session... stuckness kept releasing and releasing"

- John N. 

(Author, Musician, and Manifestation Coach experiencing grief)

If You Want Results, Healing Must Be Done HOLISTICALLY.

Our library offers tools for all 3 categories in the Quantum Healing Method so your self-healing journey can be wildly successful.

QM Healing Method diagram for holistic healing membership-1.jpg
QM Healing Method diagram for holistic healing membership-2.jpg
QM Healing Method diagram for holistic healing membership-3.jpg
QM Healing Method diagram for holistic healing membership-4.jpg
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