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Harnessing the Healing Energy: Exploring the Benefits of Working with a Healing Coach

Welcome to the world of healing coaching, where the power to transform and heal lies within your grasp. Are you ready to unlock your full potential and embrace a life of inner peace, health, and abundance?

Let's delve into the benefits of working with a healing coach.

If you feel like a healing mentor and coach could bring value to your daily life, or looking for more information, feel free to contact me via email, or book a discovery call.

Here's what we will cover:

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spiritual woman healing

In a sacred container of healing coaching, you will immediately feel the profound capacity for transformation & rejuvenation that resides deep within you, like dormant seeds waiting to bloom...

Are you prepared to unlock this hidden potential?

So, What Exactly Does a Spiritual Healing Coach Do?

Imagine a healing coach as a master gardener of your soul, tending to the roots of your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. They act as stewards of the fertile soil within you, awakening your divine energy, removing the stones of past traumas, and nurturing the tender shoots of self-love and compassion.

Less poetically, spiritual healing coaches:

  1. Work with you to prioritize your healing, manifestation, and soul expansion goals.

  2. Intuitively work with you to create a routine and plan.

  3. Ideally meet with you once a week for a healing session.

  4. Allow you direct and daily access to them to guide and mentor you with whatever you need support with on a daily basis

  5. Take full responsibility in helping you achieve your goals.

  6. Equip you with the tools to help you heal yourself.

healing woman blooming with flowers

In personalized sessions, intuitively curated to align with your unique needs, a healing coach will illuminate the pathways to clarity, helping you uncover your true purpose and healing. They guide you through the uncharted terrain of personal growth and metamorphosis.

Through a harmonious blend of healing modalities (I specifically utilize energy healing & Rapid Resolution Therapy), they harness the latent energies within, using practices akin to an alchemist's craft. Energy healing, mindfulness, and intuitive guidance become the tools in your arsenal, equipping you to navigate life's turbulent waters and craft a future that resonates with positivity and fulfillment..

Working in partnership with a healing coach transcends beyond just the resolution of specific issues; it is a holistic voyage that harmonizes your entire being, nurturing a state of perpetual well-being and empowering you to embrace life's full potential through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing... and yes, of course, also the resolution of specific issues.

Understanding the role of a healing coach

A healing coach is not just a therapist or a life coach; they are a unique blend of both.

They combine their knowledge of psychology, spirituality, and energy work to help you heal and grow holistically.

A healing mentor is here to not only do the healing work for you, but also teach you how to tap into your own self-healing power. Expect to receive intimate and intentional support while also receiving the tools to support yourself...

The best coaches will are the ones who teach you how to fish instead of just give you the fish... because they most powerful support is one that allows you to thrive on your own if you prefer it.

A healing coach acts as a supportive partner on your healing journey, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. They help you uncover the root causes of your challenges and guide you towards healing and transformation.

They provide support and facilitate the process of healing and growth on a deep, spiritual level.

Here are some key aspects of their role:

hand finding divine healing light and sacred geometry

  1. Guidance and Support: A spiritual healing coach acts as a knowledgeable guide of the highest love and compassion, offering emotional and spiritual support. They provide a safe space for clients to explore their inner selves and share their thoughts and feelings.

  2. Facilitating Self-Discovery: Helps clients heal through uncovering their deep connection they innately have with their intuition and bodies, their true selves, and life purpose. Through subconscious reprogramming techniques and discussions, they encourage self-awareness, mindset shifting, and personal growth.

  3. Healing Trauma, Emotional Blocks, and Physical Pain: Healing coaches assist in identifying and releasing emotional trauma and blocks that may be hindering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing; and uncover what is causing pain and dis-ease in their body.

  4. Empowerment: Coaches empower their clients to take control of their own healing and spiritual growth through energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, powerful discussions, and fostering techniques and tools to use in their everyday lives.

  5. Providing Tools and Techniques: A spiritual healing coach offers a toolbox of spiritual and mindfulness practices tailored to the individual's needs so they can start to take what they learn in-container and support and heal themselves on their own.

  6. Spiritual Connection: Coaches support clients in developing and deepening their spiritual connection to divine healing energy so once again, they can continue to heal themselves and others.

  7. Holistic Well-Being: The coach takes a holistic approach to healing and well-being. They believe that mind is connected to body and healing can come from simply reversing negative thought patterns and stuck, low-vibrational emotions.

  8. Goal Setting: Coaches work with clients to define, prioritize, and accomplish their healing and expansion goals.

  9. Accountability: Coaches help clients stay accountable for their growth and healing. They provide ongoing healing, encouragement, and feedback as clients progress on their healing path.

  10. Non-Judgmental Listening: Above all, spiritual healing coaches offer a non-judgmental, compassionate, and heart-centered presence. They actively listen and provide a space where clients can express themselves without fear of criticism.

What goals can a healing coach help with?

The issues, topics, and goals that a healing mentor helps with varies from coach to coach. However, here are just a few categories:

  • Healing grief, anxiety, depression

  • Healing physical & emotional pain

  • Healing from trauma

  • Emotions of "stuckness"

  • Decreasing stress

  • Infertility & pregnancy support

  • Eliminating self-doubt, or fear of rejection & authentic expression

  • Removing negative thought patterns

  • Finding inner- completion and wholeness

  • Uncovering their soul's purpose & soul expansion

  • Learning how to heal themselves and others

  • Expanding into abundance, manifestation, and spiritual ascension

  • Connecting with your body and intuition

spiritual walking path

Benefits of working with a healing coach

Working with a healing coach offers numerous benefits that can positively impact every aspect of your life.

1. One of the key advantages is the personalized guidance, healing, and support you receive.

Unlike generic self-help resources, a healing coach tailors their approach to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the most effective support for your unique circumstances. No clients are ever the same and no experiences are ever the same. A great healing mentor knows this and can intuitively create a program that is unique to you.

2. You not only receive intuitive guidance, you will also receive consistent healing and an understanding of energetically why your body is experiencing stuckness or dis-ease.

A healing coach will help you uncover the ROOT of what is actually going on within your mind and body whereas typical support only covers the issues with a bandaid.

Affirmations and receiving a healing "to-do" list won't help if your subconscious mind isn't on board.

3. Your healing mentor has a broad understanding of what your options are when it comes to your healing and expansion.

Maybe you've felt like you've tried everything? Or that you are constantly receiving conflicting answers from doctors or support teams?

Your healing mentor will be able to guide you in a new direction, and also help you make sense of the information you are receiving.

4. The opportunity for self-discovery, soul expansion, and personal growth.

A healing coach helps you uncover patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back, allowing you to break free from self-limiting behaviors and embrace a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Through their guidance, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and develop the tools to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

You will see that as you disassemble limiting beliefs and disconnection, that you start to physically heal too.

Case studies: Real-life examples of healing coaching success

Here are 4 different scenarios and people who have come into my practice that illustrate the transformative power of healing coaching. These are quick real-life examples of individuals who have experienced significant positive changes through their work with a healing coach. You might see similarities in your own life with one or all of these beautiful humans.

*all stories have been approved to share, and all names have been changed*

fulfilled woman after healing

Case Study 1: From anxiety & people pleasing to embodied confidence and a feeling of self wholeness.


Beverly had been struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem for years. Through our healing coaching, she discovered that her anxiety was rooted in childhood trauma and an imprinted mother wound of never feeling like she was good enough.

She struggled with people-pleasing, holding boundaries, and confidence which kept her from feeling fully fulfilled in her marriage, deeply in love with how she felt in her body, and increasing her prices in her business.

Beverly was able to release the emotional baggage associated with her past and develop strategies to manage her anxiety. This was all done through Rapid Resolution Therapy techniques, hypnosis, energy healing, and body-connection techniques.


  • She has increased her prices and even got a $20,000/month contract during our time together.

  • Her anxiety levels have decreased dramatically and when she feels anxiety coming on, she can now quickly and efficiently stop it from happening.

  • Beverly believes that the self-love and confidence she was able to cultivate directly impacted the new depth of passion and empathy she has in her marriage.

a man going through a spiritual healing outside by the creek

Case Study 2: Finding Purpose


Michael was feeling stuck in his career and lacked clarity about his true purpose. He built a 7-figure business from scratch and 7-years later felt like he was chained to something he no longer had a passion for. Living out of alignment with his soul's purpose stirred up emotions of pain, confusion, and depression.

Through healing coaching, Michael gained a deeper understanding of who he is at his core, his values, and his soul purpose.


  • Michael released all fear of completely changing careers and leaving is company behind (and many other mindset blocks) with Rapid Resolution Therapy techniques

  • Through energy healing & spiritual work, guided hypnosis, he uncovered what he was put on this earth to accomplish and who he is supposed to be.

  • Michael launched his second successful, and now, soul-aligned business shortly after our time together. He's never felt more in-tune with his intuition, body, and everyone he connects with.

older woman with short gray hair in the sun

Case Study 3: Reversing Disease Symptoms by Healing Childhood Trauma


Jeanine came to me when she was at her rock bottom. She had let her health go years ago and now felt like she was at a point of no return. She was suffering from major thyroid issues, breathing issues, fear, pain, and other health complications. On top of that her living by herself through the Covid quarantine days, and the feelings of mistrust with her closest family, sparked a deeply-rooted sense of loneliness and frequent panic attacks.

When we first met, Jeanine could hardly breathe and couldn't laid down from pain. Her first words were spoken through held-back tears that desperately wanted to release the frustration and pain that she was feeling.

We worked with her alongside the medical professionals that she was working with. Some things we worked on were:

  1. Releasing emotional pain through subconscious reprogramming around early childhood trauma from a family member.

  2. Releasing physical and emotional pain by creating a somatic hip release protocol and a breathwork/tapping protocol.

  3. Techniques to dissolve panic attacks before they peak.

  4. Energy healing to gently release traumatic emotions lodged in her body and mind without having to relive the trauma.


  • After the second session together she said, "I finally, for the first time, feel hopeful"

  • Was able to bring her subconscious mind, which was stuck in the past, to the present moment, which significantly decreased panic attacks.

  • After 2 months, Jeanine had the ability to stop panic attacks when she felt them coming on 100% of the time.

  • After decades, was able to connect with her sisters and mom without the negative emotions that held her back previously.

  • She is scheduled to remove her goiter to help heal her thyroid (with another medical professional) but no longer has the fear and feeling of hopelessness around it as she once did.

  • Utilizing Rapid Resolution Therapy, we were able to get Jeanine to break her habit of eating foods that were exacerbating her thyroid and goiter issues. Before that she knew that she needed to quit eating certain foods but could not get her mind or body on board to actually do it.

a man with long hair after our spiritual healing mentorship

Case Study 4: Breaking Addiction and Generational Patterns, & Releasing Feelings of Failure & Guilt


Jeremiah started our health coaching program with me shortly after he committed to breaking his addiction to alcohol. Together we worked through healing his deep sense of "broken-ness" from childhood abuse. He had daily experiences where he felt like he was leaving his body and fits of rage that came in waves throughout the day.

Through daily energy clearings we cut energetic chords from low-vibrational entities that he was picking up from bars. These energies were attaching to Jeremiah's right shoulder due to his feelings of failure and guilt. We patched up holes in his auric field that were leaving him completely drained and exhausted.

Through Rapid Resolution Therapy and subconscious reprogramming, Jeremiah's body & mind were able to let go of what they were still carrying from his childhood abuse. In our first session he instantly felt at peace and like he could become more present with the sensations in his body, so he could nurture them instead of drink them away.


  • Jeremiah is sober and has completely made peace with his past, allowing him to be able to forgive himself and release the lingering guilt that used to follow him around.

  • He has seen a significant decrease in the problematic relationship pattern he was experiencing (the pattern of always becoming the victim) by strengthening the relationship with himself by reconnecting with his body and intuition, and deeply knowing that his is worthy of love.

Wondering how YOU can get results like this? KEEP READING for tips on how to find your perfect healing mentorship fit!

How to find the right healing coach for you

Finding the right healing coach is crucial for a successful healing journey. Here are some essential considerations to help you find the right fit:

  1. Research and explore: Take the time to research different healing coaches and explore their websites, learn about their modalities, and check their social media presence. Look for coaches who resonate with you and align with your values and goals.

  2. Seek recommendations: Ask friends, family, or colleagues who have worked with healing coaches for recommendations. Personal referrals are always the most powerful and reliable resource.

  3. Utilize Consultation sessions: Many coaches offer complimentary consultation sessions. Take advantage of these opportunities to speak with potential coaches and gauge their approach, style, and compatibility with your needs.

  4. Trust your intuition: The most important part!! Let your intuition lead you when choosing a healing coach. Pay attention to how you feel during your interactions with them. A strong connection and sense of trust are essential for a coaching relationship.

The healing coaching process: What to expect

woman hand holding a healing crystal

The healing coaching process typically begins with an initial assessment session, where you and your coach discuss your goals, challenges, and intentions for the coaching journey. This session helps establish a foundation for the work ahead and allows your coach to gain a deeper understanding of your needs.

From there, sessions are tailored to your unique requirements. Your coach may utilize a combination of healing modalities, such as energy healing, guided visualization, breathwork, or meditation, to facilitate your healing and growth. These techniques help you release negative energy, reprogram limiting beliefs, and cultivate self-compassion and love so you can start to heal on all planes and levels.

In my practice, I also include high-touch support through WhatsApp so we can touch base daily if needed. I also give daily remote aura cleanses.

Techniques and tools used by healing coaches

Healing coaches draw from a wide range of techniques and tools to support your healing journey. Some common modalities and practices include:

1. Energy healing: Healing coaches may incorporate various energy healing techniques, such as Reiki, ThetaHealing, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), hypnosis,crystal, and sound healing to help balance and align your energy centers, promote healing, and release energetic blockages.

2. Mindfulness & self-healing practices: Mindfulness is a powerful tool for cultivating self-awareness and presence. Healing coaches may guide you through mindfulness exercises, such as meditation or breathing techniques, to help you develop a deeper connection with yourself and the present moment.

3. Intuitive guidance: Healing coaches often tap into their intuition to provide insights and guidance that can help you gain clarity and make empowered decisions. They may use divination tools like oracle cards or pendulums to access intuitive information.

Integrating healing coaching into your daily life

Healing coaching is not limited to the sessions you have with your coach; it is a holistic approach to life that extends beyond the coaching space.

To maximize the benefits of healing coaching, your mentor should come up with a personalized plan for you... Here are what some daily recommendations could look like:

1. Self-reflection: Set aside time each day for self-reflection. Journaling, meditation, or simply sitting in silence can help you gain clarity and deepen your connection with yourself.

2. Self-care: Prioritize self-care activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul. This could include activities like exercising, practicing mindfulness, engaging in creative pursuits, or spending time in nature.

3. Gratitude practice: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by regularly expressing appreciation for the blessings in your life. This practice helps shift your focus towards positivity and abundance.

4. Practice Self Healing: Your mentor will always give you tips on how to support yourself in your specific circumstance... make sure to put them to good use!

The importance of self-care in the healing journey

Self-care plays a vital role in the healing journey. It helps you recharge, nurture yourself, stay connected to your intuitions, and maintain balance and well-being.

As you work with a healing coach, prioritize self-care activities that support your healing process. This could include engaging in activities that bring you joy, seeking support from loved ones, physical exercise, or seeking professional help when needed.

Remember, healing is a journey, and it takes time and effort. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you navigate the ups and downs of the healing process. Trust in the healing energy within you and the guidance of your healing coach to support you on this transformative path.

Conclusion: Embracing healing coaching for personal growth and transformation

Working with a healing coach opens the door to a world of personal growth, transformation, and healing.

By harnessing the healing energy within you and tapping into various healing modalities, a coach empowers you to release past traumas, overcome challenges, and embrace a life of abundance and inner peace.

As you embark on this journey, remember the importance of finding the right healing coach for you, the power of personalized guidance, and the integration of healing practices into your daily life. Embrace the limitless possibilities that await you and trust in the transformative power of healing coaching.

Are you ready to harness the healing energy and embark on a transformative journey?

The choice is yours. Take the first step towards a life of well-being, purpose, and fulfillment by working with a healing coach.

If the idea of healing to finally feel free in your body and mind resonates, you can learn more about my specific mentorship program here.

The journey awaits you.


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