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PandoraStar Light Healing

Flickering light healing to expand consciousness, accel creativity and intuitive abilities, heal conditions such as anxiety, grief, insomnia, and more! We come to you!

Visual Light Healing Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona

PandoraStar Light Therapy + Energy Healing to take you to the cosmos, light travel, download life-changing guidance from your highest self, and heal whatever it is you're looking to receive support with.

The healing that comes to you!

Shift your mind into the specific altered state it needs to heal and raise your connection to the higher realms with the magic of the PandoraStar equipment.

During your light session, I will perform light energy healing and sound therapy to deepen your experience into a portal of quantum healing so you can speed up your journey.



1 Hour - $150

90 Min - $200

*Additional charges may apply if outside of the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe area.*


What PandoraStar Light Therapy Can be Used For...

pandora star light healing

> Relaxation / Deep Meditation

> Central Nervous System Regulation

> Subconscious Rewiring

> Stress Management

> Grief / Depression / Anxiety Support

> Personal Development

> Sleep Improvement

> Connetion to Cosmic Realms/Higher Self 

> Hypnosis

> Lucid Dreaming

> Shamanic Journeying

What a PandoraStar Light Healing Session looks like with me...

1. Complete Intake Form - This will be a quick form for you to fill out so we can completely customize your experience to work on whatever it is you're looking to focus on.

2. Connection - Before we begin we will connect on your intention, I will give you the breakdown of what properties your light session will entail (The HZ, frequency, cadence, etc.) and answer any questions you have.


3. PandoraStar + Energy Healing - We will begin the flickering light therapy, where you will keep your eyes closed the entire time. You can see in the photos on this page what the device looks like and what type of visuals you might see.  This will last approximately 30-40 minutes. As this is happening, I will be playing healing music and channeling Reiki Energy for additional body/energy healing work. Get ready to go DEEP!

4. Wrap up - As you drink some water and ground back down, we will discuss any downloads I received from your spirit guides along with anything that came up for you so you can feel complete in any next steps you might require.


How PandoraStar Works

12 stroboscopic LEDs flicker at specially chosen frequencies to directly support what you are needing. 


The electromagnetic activity in your brain naturally begins to follow the frequencies of the light, which help cause your body to produce positive healing effects. (eg. Increased endorphins, sleep hormones, etc.)

light healing therapy.png
how light healing works

"Thank you, my body was unable to release any emotion, let alone stuckness in my body from past trauma... and now I'm crying as I write this. So much gratitude for you! 

- Violet Sheridan

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