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Human Design Readings

Uncover your soul's purpose, learn how to heal your deepest wounds, & find confidence in living your most authentic self, raising kids, healing, & making business decisions.

Deepen your understanding of how you are meant to move & live in this world, authentically & easefully.

You cannot experience true freedom & inner completion until you dive into the depths of who you are at your core... and fully understand how to navigate your emotions, shadows, gifts, and so much more! This is what you gain from a personalized, in-depth Human Design reading.

Human Design takes your birth information and formulates the greatest solution to what most people spend their entire lives looking for... PURPOSE & MEANING!

And while you can find a whole host of information online, it's very general and disjointed. You might have one gate or a certain profile, but you can't fully understand what that actually means for you or how to properly & tangibly use that to your daily benefit unless you receive a personalized reading from someone who is looking at all the nuances of your entire chart! 



Personal Reading (1 hr) - $125


What Your Human Design Reading can determine...

human design chart reading

> Your life's purpose

> How to make big decisions using your inner authority

> How you self-sabotage your success 

> Best way to support your healing journey

> Your unique way of manifesting prosperity

> How to hire

> Support with raising kids & living with others

> Your greatest gifts & skills

> How to get out of a funk

> What jobs are best for you

> How to market yourself, sell, & run a business.

a  3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator...

(AKA, the rebellious leader with a multi-passionate cause)

Hi! I'm Caitlin - a Human Design Reader & Soul Activator Connecting you to: 

  • the highest expression of yourself

  • your inner wisdom

  • the confidence to go after all your desires

Like all of the other spiritually and high-achieving humans I know, I had a deep yearning to truly understand what my purpose and role was in this world. It was an unsettled void in me that wouldn't quiet until it was figured out.


When I heard about Human Design about 6+ years ago, I was instantly drawn in, and down the rabbit hole I went (and am still going down daily).

I've been able to not just learn but embody what it means to live my daily life in alignment with my Human Design, heal grief & depression through my Human Design, sell/run a business, and raise kids... all through Human Design.

I with 1000% confidence, from the deepest depths of my soul, say that Human Design will expand your heart, mind, and life if you let it. 

caitlin strempel human design reader

It would be my honor to decode your own personal human design story with you, help you embody it, and help you practically apply it to your life.

Once you book your Human Design Reading...

1. Keep your eyes on your email for your appointment confirmation & prompt to submit your BIRTH DATE, TIME, & LOCATION!

2. Depending on your current knowledge of your Human Design You will have the opportunity to request a focus for the call, or we can keep it to the typical standard overview.

3. Refunds are not given after you pay, but you can reschedule up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.

4. Our appointment will be over Zoom. I will pull up your chart and we will walk through it together, and it WILL be recorded and delivered to you shortly after our call.

4. I am here for you for any questions you have!


"If you haven't received a Human Design chart reading from Caitlin, don't walk, run! The insights I received from her created a powerful awakening for me. She is a sage unlike any other." 

- Tricia B.

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